As information is updated and available it will be posted here. Please check back frequently.

COVID protocol, as set forth by the state and federal guidelines, will be enforced at all times, no exceptions. Players or parents not following all mandatory COVID procedure will not be allowed to participate and refunds will not be issues for disagreement with COVID procedure. Safety is our number one priority.

Please fully read to ensure you are aware of our most up-to-date COVID protocol. 

1- All participants will be required to wear masks at practices / games.  No exceptions.
2- Practice and game attendance by parents and other spectators will be guided by OHA risk level. Current OYSA policy is limited to 2 spectators with masks and social distanced from anyone outside of your immediate family. 
3- Practice / Game time frames will be scheduled to allow movement of individuals on and off the field to reduce contact between other teams.
4- Besides Players/Coaches/Referees, all locations will have COVID monitors to ensure all Back to Play Requirements are followed.  These individuals will be empowered to cancel practice/games if requirements are not followed.