Thanks to our Sponsor

Thanks to Our Sponsor

Thanks to the tremendous support from our official sponsor, ELEETE Real Estate, Milltown has been able to continue to support families of at all income levels by providing a healthy scholarship fund and offesting costs to keep everyone’s registration costs as low as possible and make sure money is not a limiting factor for all kids to stay active and healthy. Thank you, Lee Davies and everyone at ELEETE Real Estate!

The resources provided by this partnership will partially offset the rising cost of providing youth soccer, and will help us continue to offer a quality recreational soccer program without significant increases in registration fees. Specifically, this will fund additional coaching and player development programs, provide scholarship assistance to players who otherwise may be unable to participate in the sport, and allow us to invest in much-needed improvements to our infrastructure.

Despite the positive impact offered by such a partnership, we felt a sponsorship agreement would be appropriate only if it provided a meaningful commitment of resources over a multi-year timeframe, and involved a partner with connections to our community. We feel this agreement provides both. Eleete Real Estate is a company with local roots. Members of their team live in our community, volunteer for our club as coaches and team managers, and attend games as committed Milltown parents. The company’s founder, Lee Davies, has personal experience with Milltown, as all five of his kids have played in the Milltown uniform. He understands the positive impact that youth sports have on our kids and our community, and we know he is excited to support programs like ours.

If you are interested in buying or selling consider giving back to the community that supports you! Click on the ELEETE logo above to check out all they have to offer.