In the event of extreme weather or extended rain please use the information below to stay updated on field closures that may affect your practice or games.  The club will make efforts to keep coaches and parents updated but everyone is encouraged to use the information below for real time conditions and changes.

Milltown will seldom close fields or cancel practice due to weather forecasts so it’s important to stay current as weather develops.  Soccer is played rain or shine until those conditions become extreme enough to cause a risk to children or fields.


THPRD Policies

THPRD Inclement Weather Number – 503-629-6395 option 3. The park district will update this phone line if soccer fields are closed by maintenance.

If a field has not been closed by THPRD and you arrive for play and find it saturated please use your best judgement and confer with coaches and referees to make the best decision of the safety of the kids and the preservation of the field.  Using a field when it is too wet can damage fields and create field closures that last for weeks and months.  You may use the link below from THPRD’s Field Condition Policy to help guide your judgement if necessary.

THPRD Field Condition Policy =>


In the event of Lightning please follow the “30/30” rule.

30/30 RULE:  This is based on the outline from FIFE

“There is a “Lightning + Thunder” component. It’s called the “30-30” Rule:

You see the lightning. Start counting time. If the thunder is heard within 30 seconds, suspend the match (Practice) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Send everyone to shelter. (NOT under the trees!) If there are subsequent occurrences of “lightning-with-thunder-within-30-seconds” then the 30-minute “timer” is reset.

Do not take chances.  Always chose safety!

Extreme Heat Advisory

An excessive heat warning means that a prolonged period of dangerously hot temperatures will occur. Hot temperatures will create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely.

Over 95 we will cancel all activities and do our best to make sure this is reflected on the homepage. Between 90-95, we will leave it to coach discretion to make the best choice and ask coaches to communicate to their teams any changes to team activities. if your teams are practicing please make sure to send the kids with plenty of water.

Those working or exercising outdoors will be at an increased risk of dehydration and heat-related illness.