It’s almost time to open registration for our Fall 2021 program! Traditionally Milltown opens this registration event on 5/1. This year we need to move that date back one week and are aiming to open on 5/8. To improve the experience for our players and families, and to lower the overall cost of club operations, we are transitioning to a new registration system and website, and our board is in a whirl to get things setup and running smoothly for everyone – but we are going to need a LITTLE extra time this year.

While we are committed to doing everything we can to open on time, if we find a snag that would make it harder or more confusing for our families, we will delay an additional day or two until we feel it is running smooth. Any changes to the schedule below are unexpected, but will be updated on this page if necessary. 

7th & 8th Grade Registration: Begins on 5/8
5th & 6th Grade Registration: Begins on 5/10
2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Registration: Begins on 5/12
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Registration: Begins on 5/14
High School Registration: Begins on 5/15

A few things about Fall registration you should know:

  1. The website and registration system will have a new look and feel and a new account will need to be created to register. 
  2. While we REALLY hope we trend to normalcy, we do expect to still have some aspect of COVID regulation in the Fall. We will always follow the guidelines set forth by the authoritative bodies above us – Federal, State, and County government, as well as the multiple governing bodies of Oregon Youth Sports (OYSA, THPRD, THJSL, etc.) for the safest possible experience for our players and their families.
  3. Due to 2 full seasons out of play and an augmented Spring 2021 season, we will NOT BE OFFERING A PRIORITY WINDOW FOR RETURNING PLAYERS. Fall 2021 team placement will be created 100% based on the earliest registration date. No exceptions. Please register as early as possible to avoid any frustration of team placement. 
  4. Fall season will begin for most teams in mid-late August with games typically starting the first Saturday following Labor Day Weekend. Practice and games will run through the last week of October.