Photos for Milltown’s 2019 Fall season will be offered by Dana McKenna Photography.  We have two days set up to accomodate teams, 9/14 and 9/28. To make sure photos are successful as possible, please read all the information below.

Photo pick up day will be on 10/12 from 12-3pm at the Tektronix Field.  It is important the coach or a designated parent from each team pick up photos on that day.  We are unable to mail photos. 

Please note, timeslots are scheduled very tight to accomodate as many teams as possible.  Please be considerate of Dana’s schedule and all the teams scheduled behind you and note the following items:

1- Print and fill out the order form BEFORE you arrive for your session.  We will not have space or time for families to fill out order forms on site.  CLICK HERE FOR ORDER FORM.

2- Do not be late.  For good measure have your teams arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time to ensure everyone is one time.  We will not be able to wait for late kids and they may miss out on being in the team photo.

3- Each team should bring a ball for their photo.

Sign up Sheet for 9/14

Sign up Sheet for 9/28