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2018 Uniforms

This year Milltown has partnered with Tursi's soccer to provide our soccer jerseys.  Order now to avoid late minute frustration!  MUSC families receive a 15% discount on retail purchases (does not apply to the Milltown jersey).


Jewelry Policy
Posted Jan 3, 2015

As part of THJSL Milltown strictly adheres to their jewlery policy which does not allow jewlery of any kind on the playing field. Taping newly pierced ears is NOT allowed and players will not be able to play unless all piercings are removed.  To avoid missed games, please make sure you are familiar with our policy on jewlery and body casts.  


Heat Advisory
Posted Aug 13, 2018

Milltown takes the safety of our players seriously and we are keeping a close eye on all this hot weather.  Please read our guildelines to practice in extreme heat.

We typically only cancel club wide practice if directed by THPRD.  In that case we make every effort to update the homepage and send out a club wide email.  However, coaches may opt to not run practice if they feel it's not a healthy situation for their teams.  And lastly, each family has the option of keeping their own children home if they feel it's the best choice.  If you do choose to withhold your child, please just let your coach know so she/he can plan accordingly.  Air quality is also a factor.  You can check the air quality in our area with this link.  At the time of this post our quality is very good.

Be smart.  Stay safe.

What's going on at Milltown:

Our sponsor, Lee Davies, showing support!

The MUSC community thanks you!

Milltown- Jeffery VS Milltown- Nichols

5th grade boys- These two teams are all smiles after a fun match at Powerlines!

Coach Nesbitt has got this!

Kindergarten soccer = pure joy

Celebrating Milltown's finest!

Thanks to our board members and volunteers!

Columbia Employee Store Pass!
Posted Sep 1, 2018

Check out the Columbia Employee Store from now until 9/23. Don't forget to take a Milltown jersey and show this pass on your phone. Enjoy!

Fall Soccer 2018
Posted Apr 13, 2017

Fall 2018 Registration is now open however many age groups are wait listed.  If your child is interested in playing but the age group is wait listed please register them to the wait list and I will place kids as I have open spots.  You will not be billed until they are placed. Please be advised, while I understand kids are very invested in playing with certain kids or coaches at this late stage chances of accomodating any requests off a wait list are extremely slim.

2nd Grade - High School Program Information

*Practice will be two night per week and begin the week in early August for many teams
*Games will begin in early September 
*Practice locations will be announced late July
*Cost is $90/player

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Program Information

*Team assignments for these age groups will be available in mid August.
*Practice is one day per week from approximately 5:00-6:00pm.
*There will be 6 Saturday games at the Tektronix Field between the hours of 1-4pm beginning 9/8. Detailed game schedules will be available in early September.  
*Cost is $75 per player



Official Milltown Sponsor
Spring 2018 Refund Policy
Posted Jan 1, 2018


Our refund policy for the Fall 2018 season will strictly follow the dates below:

100% refund minus a $10 non-refundable admin fee
50% refund
7/14 forward:  
No refunds will be issued

Team Connect Issue
Posted Aug 13, 2018

We have numerous system errors with Team Connect.  Please try the following steps to access your roster.

1. Be sure to close your entire browser and start again. This often resets it to work.

2. Use Chrome or Firefox

3. Be sure to look at the very , very , VERY bottom of the email for your invite code :) If you received the team connect invite this should be all you need.

New age requirements
Posted May 11, 2016

As many of you know age requirements for some soccer clubs have changed this year.  Milltown and the clubs in our league have chosen to continue to place children based on SCHOOL GRADE rather than birth year.  If you'd like to read more about birth year requirements and how they apply to competitive clubs you can click here.  This information does not currently apply to Milltown and is being provided only for your information.