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Portand Timbers-Thorns Recreational Curriculum

  • A complete overview of player development, including what to expect at each age group
  • What you should and should not be doing as a coach
  • 10 age-appropriate practice sessions per age group for U6-12
  • These session plans can form the basis for an entire season of practices--just fill in as needed from similar age groups, or from the practice plans further down this page

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General Guidelines for Coaching Youth Soccer

Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States --The US Soccer Coaching Education Department's definitive overview of behaviors to expect at each age group, age-appropriate activities, and practice priorities. This is essential reading for every coach trying to understand how to shape a practice plan to the age group s/he is coaching.

Practice Plans and Activities

Oregon Youth Soccer Association's Coaching Resources -- a comprehensive set of practice plans and coaching resources arranged by age group and subject area.

Portland Youth Soccer Association Practice Plans -- detailed session plans arranged by age group, each with a specific skill focus and an appropriate practice structure/progression.

UK International Soccer Online Curriculum -- (username: MUSC; login: uksoccer) a database of activities arranged by skill area, as well as progressive practice plans. These are the same activities used by the UK coaches who run some of our summer camps, and they are a great place to start for those looking for time-tested, effective activities. Videos included!

Milltown Spring 2014 Kick and Chase Practice Plans -- these sessions were designed for Milltown's spring 2014 kick and chase season by coaches at THUSC.

Positive Coaching

Successful coaching requires the ability to create an environment in which players demonstrate good sportsmanship, are comfortable making mistakes, and develop positive character traits. The following resources outline simple concepts and strategies to help coaches create that environment.

Postive Coaching Alliance -- outlines the role of the "double-goal coach" in creating "better athletes, better people." Simple concepts like the ELM tree of mastery, the mistake ritual, and the magic ratio of praise to criticism that are easy to incorporate into day-to-day coaching.

Play Positive -- A terrific resource for parents and coaches, with content created by the Positive Coaching Alliance. A concise explanation of the concepts that can help coaches (and parents) create a positive experience for players. See the Positive Coaching Guide explaining the ELM tree of mastery, ROOTS, filling emotional tanks, and honoring the game.

US Soccer Coaching Development
Posted Oct 3, 2017

US Soccer Grassroots Courses

Email for information on courses.  

Milltown United Soccer will consider paying for coaching education.  Email for details on how to qualify. 

Coaching Clinics



Game Rules 2018

FIFA Laws of The Game defines the basic rules of the game of soccer.


Our teams play under these modified rules:

THJSL Rules of Play (U8-HS)